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Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Why Study in Australia-Complete Over View-Best Education Service

  • Living in Australia means living in a continent because it is the only country that is an entire continent, Six states and two territories comprise the nation.
  • It has small population of twenty million people and liberal immigration policy that allows people to make this their country of residence if they so wish.In nearly six decades more than six million people have settled in Australia and are contributing to its growth.
  • Australia abounds in natural resources and has one of the developed economies with high investment in education, training, health and transport.
  • Australia has population belonging to multi cultures, drawn from Aboriginals, Torris Strait Islanders and British.English is the official language of the country main language of instruction in the education system.
  • Australia has strong university sector with a few excellent institutions.The higher education system of Australia can compete with the leading universities of US, UK and Singapore.
  • According to the Times ranking of the universities around the world, twenty two of Australian universities are among the top four hundred universities.The University of Melbourne ranks 33 in the world ranking, the Australian National University in Canberra is at 52, the University of Sydney at 56 and the University of Queensland at 60. University of Melbourne has been found to be top university of Australia consecutively for two years.The Times rankings of the universities are based on the number of international students the university is able to attract, teaching quality, research influence and cosmopolitan outlook.
  • There are thirty autonomous government universities as well as three private universities in Australia. International students in Australia constitute nearly 21percent of the total students enrolled in higher education system, the Education Service for Overseas Students (ESOS) Act helps the international students by providing them tuition and financial assurance.All the institutions have to enter into a written agreement with international students at the time of their enrolment to protect them if their visa is refused or their education provider is unable to teach the course for any reason.   
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