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Sunday, August 28, 2016

Top 11 America's Best Bachelor Degrees By Salary 2016-Best Education Servuice

Attending and graduating from university can never guarantee you a well-paid job down the road. However, some bachelor degrees are more likely than others to make you a high earner. Take Petroleum Engineering for example. Despite the rise of renewable energy, a petroleum engineer in the United States can still expect a salary in the region of $101,000 in the first five years of his or her career, according to PayScale. The typical pay level in the mid-point of a petroleum engineer’s career is $168,000.
Graduates in Nuclear Engineering can also expect lucrative salaries. Pay during the early career phase averages $68,000, with mid-career median pay climbing to $121,000. Interestingly, there is only one subject on the list of America’s best bachelor degrees by salary that is not engineering. The top three is rounded off by graduates in Actuarial Mathematics. They can expect a pay check of about $119,000 by the mid-point of their careers.


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