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Friday, August 19, 2016

Top 10 Best Education Systems Countries In The World 2016

                                     Countries ranked on maths and science results

1. Singapore 

 The Singapore education system has continued to impress over the years and is giving the UK education system a run for its money. The country ranks highly in primary education and is thought to be inching closer to beating the UK in terms of quality education.

2.Hong Kong

Next up is Hong Kong; they take a large amount of their education system from the United Kingdom. The educational system is seen over by the Social Welfare Department of the government. Each level of schooling in Hong Kong works together to create an overall educational experience.
The literacy rate in Hong Kong is 94.6, still a pretty high number.

3.South Korea

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2015 has seen the rise of South Korea as the number one educational system in the world. It managed to bump its way from the second best to the best system, all in the span of three years. Korea does this for two reasons. First, they believe in working hard. Kids spend seven days of the week in school and are educated thoroughly in everything they study. Secondly, South Korea spends a lot of money on its educational system. The yearly budget for the system is slightly more than 11 billion dollars. The other Asian countries are major competition for South Korea.
A noticeable statistic about the South Korean educational system is the country is near 100% literate. 99.2% of males in South Korea are literate while 96.6% of females are literate.


Japan has slid into the number two position. A combination of a hard work ethic and technology play a major role in making the Japanese educational system what it is. No other country deploys technology in education to the extent that Japan does. Kids have access to resources that most other students do not, giving them the ability to get answers to some of the most difficult questions.
Another focus of the Japanese educational system is extracurricular activities. Sports, chess, and other such clubs have been proven to increase the educational value of a school system. In Japan almost all students participate in at least one club, it is expected of them.


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In 2006, when Taiwan first participated in PISA, it ranked first of all participating countries for mathematics.  Since then, it has consistently performed well on PISA.  In the 2012 administration of the test, Taiwan ranked 4th in math, 7th in reading and 13th in science.  Taiwan’s impressive performance has been attributed to investing heavily in education so this tiny island with limited natural resources could compete in the global economy.
Since the 1990s, Taiwan has focused on transforming the labor-intensive industries that drove the economy since the 1960s into a knowledge economy.  The country has upgraded workforce training and enacted a series of education reforms to enable the system to produce a workforce capable of supporting this economy.  In 2002, when it announced its vision for national development, its goal was to build Taiwan into a Green Silicon Island.


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Finland is an interesting member of this list. For a long time it led educational systems around the world on this list. In 2015 though it got bumped to number five on the list, being replaced by Asian countries. Its drop may be due in part to the increased attention put on school systems by the countries that ousted it.
Unlike many countries, Finland has short school days and fills the rest of the day with school-sponsored educational activities. They believe that there is a good portion of learning to be done outside the classroom. The schools in Finland build the community and help to create identity among the citizens.
The teachers in Finland also go through some of the best education in the world.
While literacy rates may be one method to show the success of an educational system they do not predict the overall value of the system. For example, the United States, which has a 99.99% literacy rate, comes in number 14. More goes into determining what entails a good educational system. For example, one critical area the United States educational system lacks in is real life education.
Having a good education is key in life. Not only does it set you up for success in terms of a career but it also determines how you are perceived socially. A good education allows you to fit in with the higher educated crowds. With how key education is to our success as a world shouldn’t there be a large focus globally on our education?
7. Estonia 
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No one ever thought that this small country could rank higher than even the United States as far as education is concerned. Estonia has an impressive primary and early childhood education system.
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Since Switzerland has no natural resources, education and knowledge have become very important resources. Therefore Switzerland claims to have one of the world's best education systems. Because the cantons are responsible for educational services (kindergarten, schools, universities), education may vary significantly between cantons. For example, some cantons start to teach the first foreign language at fourth grade, while others start at seventh grade. This can turn moving with children between cantons into a nightmare.
In Switzerland, most children go to public schools. Private schools usually are expensive and people tend to think that students of private schools probably didn't make it at the public school. Public schools include elementary school,secondary school and  universities. Most municipalities provide kindergarten, primary and secondary schools. Most cantons provide at least one secondary school. There are eleven universities in Switzerland, nine are run by cantons, two are run by the confederation.
After elementary school, kids may either choose to go to secondary school or to start an apprenticeship. In the later case, after finishing the apprenticeship, it is still possible to start an academic career at either a secondary school or a so called  university of applied sciences.

9. Netherlands
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Netherlands is quite the opposite of all these other countries. They have invested a lot in early childhood development and are ranked quite highly but have not done the same in the other areas.The country has one of the lowest high school graduates hence their poor ranking.

10. Canada
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of all the countries in the world, Canada has the highest rate of college graduates. Although this is quite impressive they tend to overlook the benefits of investing in their children’s education in terms of early childhood education. Once they do that they will simply rank highly on the list.

Countries ranked on maths and science results for 15 year olds:
1. Singapore21. Czech Republic41. Turkey61. Jordan
2. Hong Kong22. Denmark42. Serbia62. Argentina
3. South Korea23. France43. Bulgaria63. Albania
4. Japan24. Latvia44. Romania64. Tunisia
5. Taiwan25. Norway45. UAE65. Macedonia
6. Finland26. Luxembourg46. Cyprus66. Saudi Arabia
7. Estonia27. Spain47. Thailand67. Colombia
8. Switzerland28. Italy48. Chile68. Qatar
9. Netherlands29. United States49. Kazakhstan69. Indonesia
10. Canada30. Portugal50. Armenia70. Botswana
11. Poland31. Lithuania51. Iran71. Peru
12. Vietnam32. Hungary52. Malaysia72. Oman
13. Germany33. Iceland53. Costa Rica73. Morocco
14. Australia34. Russia54. Mexico74. Honduras
15. Ireland35. Sweden55. Uruguay75. South Africa
16. Belgium36. Croatia56. Montenegro76. Ghana
17. New Zealand37. Slovak Republic57. Bahrain
18. Slovenia38. Ukraine58. Lebanon
19. Austria39. Israel59. Georgia
20. United Kingdom40. Greece60. Brazil
Note: Countries not present in the above ranking did not participate in the study.


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