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Wednesday, August 3, 2016

List of Top Best 80 Free URL Shorteners sites working-besteducationservice

URL Shorteners are very useful service for bloggers and webmasters. These services can shorten long URLs into a small one so that you can easily share it with your friends. The shorten URL automatically redirects the user to the targeted page when it is accessed in a browser. Although user can view the long URL by using URL Expander Tools before visiting it.
You can also use these services to track the number of clicks to a link. All the URL shorteners provide statistics for the URLs so that you can track the performance of a page
nternet Marketers use such services all the time in there online campaigns. For example in Email Marketing, Social Media sharing or general conversation. There are several reasons for using these services and the following are the top 5 most common reasons.

1# Easy to Share

Short links are easy to share and it also looks more engaging in short messages. For example in tweets where we only have 144 characters to share our thoughts, it is always smart to use short links to save extra characters and also add call to actions.

2# Tracking

As mentioned above shortner services allow you to track the number of clicks on a link. Thus it helps in our campaigns as we can easily know which of the post or link is more engaging and shared across the social media accounts.

3# Integration with Social Media sites

Social Media websites like Digg and twitter have integrated the URL Shortner services in their websites which allows you to automatically shorten all the URLs used in a conversation.
Have a look on the list below.

List of 80 URL Shorteners

  • bit.ly
  • goo.gl
  • tinyurl.com
  • is.gd
  • cli.gs
  • pic.gd    tweetphoto
  • DwarfURL.com
  • ow.ly
  • yfrog.com
  • migre.me
  • ff.im
  • tiny.cc
  • url4.eu
  • tr.im
  • twit.ac
  • su.pr
  • twurl.nl
  • snipurl.com
  • BudURL.com
  • short.to
  • ping.fm
  • Digg.com
  • post.ly
  • Just.as
  • .tk
  • bkite.com
  • snipr.com
  • flic.kr
  • loopt.us
  • doiop.com
  • twitthis.com
  • htxt.it
  • AltURL.com
  • RedirX.com
  • DigBig.com
  • short.ie
  • u.mavrev.com
  • kl.am
  • wp.me
  • u.nu
  • rubyurl.com
  • om.ly
  • linkbee.com
  • Yep.it
  • posted.at
  • xrl.us
  • metamark.net
  • sn.im
  • hurl.ws
  • eepurl.com
  • idek.net
  • urlpire.com
  • chilp.it
  • moourl.com
  • snurl.com
  • xr.com
  • lin.cr
  • EasyURI.com
  • zz.gd
  • ur1.ca
  • URL.ie
  • adjix.com
  • twurl.cc
  • s7y.us    shrinkify
  • EasyURL.net
  • atu.ca
  • sp2.ro
  • Profile.to
  • ub0.cc
  • minurl.fr
  • cort.as
  • fire.to
  • 2tu.us
  • twiturl.de
  • to.ly
  • BurnURL.com
  • nn.nf
  • clck.ru
  • notlong.com
  • thrdl.es 
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