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Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Introduction to BlueJ-Best Education Service

introduction to blueJ

[Tutorial 2] : Introduction to BlueJ – Writing and Compiling your Java Programs

In the previous tutorial , I told you how to make your first Java program and now methinks you must be wondering that where to write the program 😛 and how to compile it. Right ?  So , In this post, I will tell you about a special java development environment named BlueJ and will be telling you how to write programs in BlueJ , how to compile them and how to see the output of your program.
This tutorial includes the answers to the following questions 😀
  • What is BlueJ

  • How to download and install BlueJ

  • How to use BlueJ

  • How to write programs in BlueJ

  • How to compile programs in BlueJ

  • How to view the output in BlueJ

What is BlueJ ?

BlueJ is an integrated development environment for java programs. In simple words ,BlueJ is a platform that helps you to write your java program , find the bugs in your program , compile your java program and lets you view the output of your java programIt must be mentioned that BlueJ is the best development environment for beginners who have just started learning java.Earlier we used to have a long process to compile our java programs but now we can compile them just with a click.
So , It is a must have tool for all those who are reading this post right now 😛

What is Java Development Kit ( JDK )

The Java Development Kit (JDK) is a Sun Product aimed at Java Developers. Since the introduction of Java , it has been by far , most widely used Java software development kit. It contains Java Compiler , a full copy of Java Runtime Environment and many other important development tools.
Source – WikiPedia

How to download and install BlueJ ?

You can download BlueJ and Java Development Kit (JDK) from the official website of BlueJ. You must necessarily have both the components viz. Bluej and JDK as they both are kinda interdependent.
Here is the link to download BlueJ and JDK.

After downloading the file , double-click on the .exe file and Install JDK and BlueJ in your pc/laptop.

How to use BlueJ ?

After you are done with the download of BlueJ follow the steps to get started
  • Go to project >  New project.
  • Select a location for keeping your source file and give it a suitable name.
  • You will see a screen something like the following image
  • Click on the new class options present in the left pane.
  • Type the class name you are going to use in your program. Do not worry, it can be changed anytime.
  • Double click on the icon you see there.(With the same name as of the class name you gave in the previous step)
  • Now you will see some default text written in the editor window.
  • Just clear it off using (Ctrl + A) and the (Backspace) key.
  • Now you see and an empty window.

  • You are done. Now start typing your program.

NOTE – The first program to be written by you is given in the previous post. Check it out 😉

How to compile programs in BlueJ ?

You have now written you first program and now it looks something like this.

  • You need to compile your program in order to see the output. So, to compile the program , click on the compile button given just below the “class” menu.
  • You will get a note written down as “Class compiled , no syntax errors”
  • Bingo !! Your program is successfully compiled and you are all set to view the output.
NOTE – Do not copy the program in the previous post , see the program and try typing on your own. If you copy the exact program , the java compiler will show error. Moreover, it will help you to get started with writing your own programs.

How to view the output ?

I can figure out that this question is troubling you the most and you are eager to see theoutput of your program. So follow the steps to view the output of the source code that you just wrote above 😀
  • After compiling the program , close the window.
  • You will come back to another window 😉
  • Now right click on your class name and then click on “void main()”
  • You can successfully see the output of your program.

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