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Tuesday, August 16, 2016

How to Operators in Java – Their use and Syntax-Best Education Service

operators in java

[Tutorial 3] :Operators in Java – Their use and Syntax

So, you are now familiar with writing the very basic programs in Java such as – “Printing your name and other such stuff.”  Now, let us proceed a bit further. So, In this tutorial , I will tell you about various Operators in Java and how to make use of them.

What are Operators in Java ?

Operators in Java are some symbols in Java that are used to perform some particular tasks such as making calculations or comparing two quantities or to perform some other function.
For example :–
  • ‘+’ is an operator used in Java to add two quantities.
  • ‘<’ is used to test whether a quantity is “lesser than” another quantity or not.

What are the different types of Operators?

Java offers various types of Operators to perform different tasks. The main operators in Java can be broadly classified into the following categories :-
  • Arithmetic Operators –

    The operators used in Java to perform the basic addition , subtraction , multiplication , division and remainder operations are known as Arithmetic operators. The arithmetic operators of Java can be used to perform various Mathematical calculations or Arithmetic calculations such as addition, subtraction, multiplication  , division  , remainder etc.  Examples of Arithmetic operators are ‘+’ , ‘-’ , ‘*’ , ‘/’
  • Relational Operators 
    The relational operators in Java are used to compare two quantities. They always give the result as “True” or “False.” Examples of Relational Operators used in Java are ‘<’ , ‘>’ , ‘<=’ , ‘>=’ , ‘==’

  • Increment-Decrement Operators –  

The increment operators in Java are used to ‘1’ to a number. For example :-
         a++ (It means a = a+1)
         a–   (It means a = a-1)
  • Logical Operators –

    The logical operators that are used in Java are the following :-
  1. Logical “AND” Operator (&&)

  2. Logical “OR” Operator (||)

  3. Logical “NOT” Operator (!)

  • Conditional Operators –

    These operators are also known as ternary operators which mean that these operators act on three operands. The generic syntax of these operators is as follows :-
Expression1 ? Expression2 : Expression3
Its working is explained as :-
If the expression1 results to true , expression 2 will be executed otherwise expression3 will be executed.
Its symbol is “  ?:   ”
  • Assignment Operator –

    The assignment operator if Java is used to assign a value to a variable. The main assignment operator is ‘=’ Other than this “equal to” operator , there are also other operators that come under the category of assignment operators , there are known as Java ShortHand Operators.  These operators are used to simplify the coding of a particular assignment statement. The different types of shorthand operators are as follows :-

‘+=’ Its use is as :-  a+=10 means a=a+10;
‘-=’ Its use is as :-  a-=10 means a=a-10;
‘*=’ Its use is as :-  a*=10 means a=a*10;
‘/=’ Its use is as :-  a/=10 means a=a/10;

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  • Miscellaneous operators –

    The other Miscellaneous operators used are  
    • The dot Operator as in “System.out.println();”
    • The () Operator – It is also known as parenthesis and is also used in the System.out.printing command.

What is Operator Precedence ?

Well , In Mathematics we have seen that the basic operations are performed in a sequence which is termed as BOD MAS. Similarly , In Java also , the sequence of the operators has been defined and this is known as “Operator Precedence” The following is the Operator Precedence table.
Category Operator Associativity 
Postfix() [] . (dot operator)Left to right
Unary++ – – ! ~Right to left
Multiplicative* / %Left to right
Additive+ –Left to right
Shift>> >>> <<Left to right
Relational> >= < <=Left to right
Equality== !=Left to right
Bitwise AND&Left to right
Bitwise XOR^Left to right
Bitwise OR|Left to right
Logical AND&&Left to right
Logical OR||Left to right
Conditional?:Right to left
Assignment= += -= *= /= %= >>= <<= &= ^= |=Right to left

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