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Tuesday, August 23, 2016

How to apply Study In Finland

How to apply?

In this section of our website, you will find some starter's advice on applying to English-taught higher education in Finland. If you have not yet done so, get started by reading ourYour Steps to Finland checklist.

Note that while you can find a lot of useful information and advice on this site to get started,Study in Finland is not an Admissions page, neither do we act as an Admissions service.
In detailed questions regarding your application, entry criteria, application procedures etc. you must turn to the Admissions Office of the university/UAS you wish to apply to.
Also please carefully read the advice on the Studyinfo.fi application website - that is where you can find the application forms, and that is where you start your application process.
If you are looking for advice on how to apply to degree courses taught in Finnish or Swedish, please see our advice in the section Studying in Finnish or Swedish.

Before filling in any application forms

Preparing your groundwork properly makes the application process easier for you!It is important that you take some time to consider where exactly you wish to apply to. Browse through the available options, and decide which particular degree courses interest you the most.
This not only helps you focus your application to those particular degree courses that would be relevant for you, it also makes it easier and more straightforward for you to find out about details like
  • entry requirements
  • application period start and related deadlines
  • the required documentation, etc.
Remember that these details are degree course specific, so once you know exactly where you want to apply, you can start finding out the relevant information concerning those particular courses.

Bachelor's Admissions
Master's Admissions
Doctoral Admissions

Tuition and scholarships

  • there are currently no tuition fees charged in Finland - but you will need to cover your living expenses independently
  • Bachelor's and Master's level tuition fees for non-EU/EEA students will be introduced from autumn 2017 onwards, there will also be new scholarship options available
  • currently, scholarships are mainly only available for Doctoral / PhD level

Plan your student financing carefully - even with no tuition fees, you will need financing!

One important aspect of study or research in Finland is considering how to finance your studies. At the moment, tuition itself is free of charge in Finland. Non-EU/EEA students admitted to English-taught Bachelor's or Master's degree courses will however be charged tuition fees from autumn 2017 onwards - for more information on tuition fee matters, please refer to the section Tuition fees 2017.
Even though there are currently no tuition fees charged, you will need to be independently able to cover your everyday living expences like food, accommodation, travel, insurance, etc.

How much money will you need?

We recommend that you reserve at least 700-900 euros per month for your living expenses in Finland. The minimum amount to have at your disposal, as required by the immigration authorities, is currently 560 euros per month / 6720 euros per year. In addition to this, you should be prepared to cover your travel costs, insurance etc. independently.
Please carefully read the sections:
  • Student residence permits
  • Insurance and health
  • Cost of living

Can I earn extra money by working during studies?

Part-time work is allowed for students - but part-time work may not be easy to findespecially if you do not know Finnish or Swedish. That's why you should not base your financial plans solely on the option of finding part-time employment during your studies. Please refer to the section Working during studies for some information and adviceconcerning this!

Scholarship options available for Doctoral (PhD) level

Scholarships in Finland are currently available mainly only for Doctoral level studies and research - for example the CIMO scholarship options. Please refer to the left-hand margin menu for information on different scholarship options.
Remember that first of all, you need to apply for a study/research placement - see section Doctoral admissions for advice & links to the universities' Doctoral Admissions pages!

Scholarships for Bachelor’s and Master’s level degree studies?

Currently, it may be very difficult to find any scholarships from Finland for Bachelor’s or Master’s level studies. So you should be prepared to cover all your living expenses independently. Some individual Finnish universities may offer a small amount ofinstitutional scholarships of their own for their international Master's students. Please turn to the universities' own websites to check if such options are offered by the university.
New scholarships schemes for non-EU students admitted to fee-charging Bachelor's or Master'swill however be introduced in 2017.
In the Erasmus Mundus Master's programmes, scholarships are available already. The Erasmus Mundus scholarships are always applied via the university consortium offering the Erasmus Mundus programme in question (this is not necessarily a Finnish university!). Please also see the section concerning EU scholarships.
You might wish to check if you would be eligible to apply for some "study abroad" scholarships in your home country, and from international organisations and foundations. For information on these, please turn to the educational advisers and authorities in your home country. See also the Other sources of funding section on this site.
Also, if full degree studies are not an option for you, you could check if there are some student exchange options open for you. See section Exchange programmes

Scholarships for post-Doctoral studies and research?

CIMO (Study in Finland) has no scholarships or other funding opportunities for post-Doc level students and researchers. You can refer to the section Other sources of funding for some links that might help you forward in this regard (for example the Academy of Finland website.
Brazilian post-Doc researchers can profit from the Ciëncia sem Fronteiras PhD and post-Doc programme administered by the Academy of Finland.

Living in Finland

Whether you are just considering studies in Finland, or have already been accepted to a degree programme at a Finnish university or university of applied sciences (UAS), in this section you can find some important information and issues you should consider before your arrival and also during your stay in Finland.
This section briefly lists the essential things you need to take into account, and then directs you to the right sources for detailed information. Please refer to the subsections to learn more!
  • temporary visa (for short-term visits)
  • student residence permits (= long-term student visa)
  • insurance and health
  • student accommodation
  • cost of living
  • working in Finland during & after studies
  • FAQ
You should bear in mind, however, that a single web page like this can not be all-encompassing source of information on these issues. These pages can only provide you with general outlines. For example, the detailed requirements and ways to proceed in these issues may depend on your nationality. Therefore, it is essential that you always check with theappropriate authorities in Finland or your home country which rules and procedures concern you, in your particular situation.

Other sources of information

In addition to the general links provided on these pages, you can also find useful information from:
  • The university/UAS you will be studying at (many higher education institutions and student unions provide ‘welcome guides’ and tutoring services for international students)
  • The web site of the city/town you’ll be living in (public transport, sports facilities, medical services, etc.)


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