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Saturday, August 20, 2016

Education Expenses&All Requirements in Singapore For Best Education Service

The cost of study in Singapore differs in each institute/university,It is the course and the duration that determines the education structure
  • For a diploma course of six months to two years duration the total education expenses may be between( Singapore dollars)S$5500 - S$25000.
  • For Bachelor’s degree of two to four years it could be anywhere between (Singapore dollars)S$26000 - S$57000.
  • For one or two years master’s degree program it could be S$20.000 to S$30000.
  • Those students studying 5 years Medical and Dental courses in Singapore can apply for paying subsidized tuition fee after filling the bond that they would work for 3 years in Singapore under The Tuition Grant Bond.
 Living Cost in Singapore
Singapore assures its residents a high quality life, with world class amenities.Thus the living cost may be somewhat high, but it is certainly lower than that of USA, UK, Australia and other European countries.The cost of living in Singapore will include accommodation, food, books and travel Average cost of living in Singapore can be S$800 - S$2,500 per month.
While studying in Singapore, international students can opt for following accommodation options
  • University’s Halls of Residence: S$155 - S$800 per month.
  • Boarding School: S$6,000 - S$15,000 approximately per academic year
  • Private Hostel: S$750 approximately per month
  • Room in Public Housing(Government flats subsidized): S$300 - S$600 per month
  • Room in Private Housing scheme: S$800 - S$1,200 per month
Loans & Scholarships in Singapore

SIA Youth Scholarship for Undergraduate Degree Courses

  • Singapore Government awards scholarships to students from member countries of ASEAN.For this the students have to receive endorsement from the government of Singapore.
  • Scholarships are available for undergraduate courses at NUS, NTU and SMU on the basis of academic merit and through open competition.
  • The scholarship is for those students who are pursuing 3-4 years of a course. In addition, a one-year bridging or foundation course if necessary.


  1. Citizen of an ASEAN country (except Singapore).
  2. Excellent academic achievements.
  3. Good command over English.
  4. The applicants must meet the  merit  requirements of NUS, NTU and SMU.
  5. Should not be receiving  any other scholarships.

What Does The Scholarship Cover

  1. Tuition fees.
  2. Living expenses up to S$4300 per year.
  3. Accommodation allowance based on different room rates at each university.
  4. One economy class return air ticket from home country to Singapore during the course of study.
Application Date: Between early june and mid july every year.

Nanyang Scholarship

  • University’s flagship scholarship is awarded to meritorious student pursuing undergraduate course in Nan yang University.  


  1. Students who excel in  academics, demonstrate strong leadership qualities.
  2. Have outstanding co-curricular activities (CCA) record.
  3. Students, upon applying for this scholarship are shortlisted and called for interview.

Benjamin A.Gilman International Scholarships

  • Benjamin A.Gilman International Scholarships are awarded by the Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs of the Federal Government.The amount granted under this scholarship goes up to $5000.The Gilman Scholarships have the objective of training diverse leaders in business and international affairs.Every year 700 scholarships are granted to the students.


  1. Students should be pursuing two years course.
  2. Excellent academic achievement.
  3. Should have financial need/physically disabled.

David L. Boren Scholarship

  • This scholarship is awarded by the US Department of Homeland Security to support international studies in Singapore.This scholarship grant is to the tune of $20.000.These scholarships are based on competition.


  1. Students must be enrolled in some study course in Singapore.

Singapore Millennium Foundation Scholarship

  • Singapore Millennium Foundation Scholarship is awarded to international students by private based organization.
  • This scholarship is offered to post-graduate and post-doctoral students engaged in field of research.For post doctoral researchers the scholarship amount goes up to $60,000 per year.
  • This scholarship is granted on the basis of students’academic record and the quality of their research work.Rotary International Ambassadorial Scholarship.
  • Rotary International Ambassadorial Scholarships are offered to outstanding students who are about to begin their course study in Singapore.


  1. Candidate should have excellent academic record in their respective field and international pursuit.

J.N Tata Endowment for Higher Studies

  • This fund was set up in 1892 by the founder of the Tata Group, Jamshedji Tata to encourage Indian youth to study in the best universities in foreign countries.
  • This grant is open to all disciplines and subjects.Every year 120 meritorious students are selected through a rigorous process for this scholarship.
  • The amount awarded as the loan scholarship ranges between Rs. 60,000 - Rs. 4, 00,000.
  • The selected scholars may also qualify for a gift scholarship from the Jamshedji Tata Trust and a travel grant from the Sir Dorabji Tata trust, as may be decided by the trustees of the trusts.A gift scholarship can be for a maximum amount of Rs. 3, 80,000 only.


  1. Should be Indian citizen.
  2. Graduates of a recognized Indian University.
  3. With a consistently good academic record.
  4. Students in the final year of the degree course and those awaiting final year results are also eligible.
  5. Academicians and other mid-career professionals, up to the age of 45 years who wish to go abroad for further specialization.

Application Procedure

  • Applications for the loan scholarships are invited once a year, through advertisements in leading Indian newspapers on the first Saturday of December, for the following academic year.
Last date for submission of application is February 27.
Visa Formalities in Singapore

Visa Requirements

  • All students accepted to study at a university in Singapore receive their visa with their letter of approval.
  • Those students accepted by their chosen university/institution will get visa directly with their in-principle approval (IPA) letter which is provided by the institution.This letter works as a visa and it can be used at entry checkpoints.

Student Pass

  • Students need this document for studying in Singapore.Student Pass needs to be obtained two months before the course begins.To get Student Pass, one has to apply to Immigration and Checkpoints Authority (ICA).Students can sign up with the special Student’s Pass Online Application & Registration System (SOLAR).
  • A Student Pass allows the foreign students to work during their studies.Foreign students are permitted to work during holidays for 16 hours of work per week.However there may be some restrictions.

Documents Required

  • Students applying to Singapore colleges should have a six month's valid passport after the duration of the course as well as a valid Singapore visa.
  • For getting Student’s Pass Application Form 16 has to be obtained.
  • Form V36 (Additional Information on Applicant for Application of Student’s Pass).
  • Form V39S (Sponsorship Letter) duly signed by applicant and local sponsors, if the student is sponsored.
  • Two recent Passport Sized Photographs (Colour/ BW).
  • Birth Certificate in English.
  • Mark sheets and certificates of  courses completed.
  • IELTS score certificate.
  • Banker’s Guarantee of S$5000 from cashier’s order or established bank in Singapore.


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