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Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Education Expenses in USA-Guide Line-Best Education Service

Education Expenses in USA for International Students

  • USA is considered to be costly educational destination.The average annual estimated cost of education and living in the US can come to approximately $36,564, for two years study course,  it would add up to $71128, four years  course this cost would add up to $146,256 (Source: HSBC Report-2014).
  • Majority of US universities are private non profit institutions, There are also universities in public sector. Every university has its own fee structure.While private colleges for four year study, may cost you anywhere between $42000-$43000(including the living expenses), per year, the cost of study in public colleges, run as state colleges, will amount  approximately to $18000 - $19000 per year.There are some private universities which are considered as high cost and some are considered as low cost universities.While high cost universities may cost as $35,500, the low cost universities may cost $18000 per year.The state universities are lso high cost and low cost universities.A high cost state university may cost $25,000 where as low cost university would cost $12,000.
  • Some universities and colleges like Skidmore College (New York), Yale University, Amherst College, William College, Wesleyan University, Trinity College, Columbia University,Stanford University, Harvard University, Duke University are also offering financial assistance to international students purely on the basis of merit.
  • Cost of Living per month which includes rent, food, daily utilities and miscellaneous in US can be as high as $10000 and as less as $1000 per month.


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