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Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Education Expenses in Australia-Over Views-Best Education Service

Education Expenses for International Students

  • Australian education system is termed at par with the education systems of US and UK.The cost of education in Australia can be termed as high from all accounts, yet the country has highest percentage of foreign national students.
  • Education expenses would include the application fees, visa charges, health insurance charges and tuition fees.While other charges would remain the same for all courses, the tuition fees will vary from one study program to another.
  • All the fee related matters are decided by the universities/colleges themselves.
  • Tuition fees in Australian universities are generally calculated per unit, not per year.Each unit falls into a fee band, and as most students study a combination of units from different bands, fees will be different for everybody.

The Annual Tuition Fees for International Students

  • Bachelor's degree: (Aus)$15,000 (US)$11,750 to (Aus)$33,000 (US)$25,800
  • Master's degree: (Aus)$20,000 (US)$28,900
  • Doctoral degree: (Aus)$14,000 (US)$10,950 to (Aus)$37,000 (US)$28,900
  • Over Seas Students Health Cover (OSHC) cost


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