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Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Bachelor's admissions

How to apply for Bachelor's level studies in Finland

  • Bachelor's level degree courses in English are mainly offered at universities of applied sciences (UAS) - only a few available at universities
  • applications are made at the www.studyinfo.fi joint application site
  • check all the admission-related details directly with the institution you're applying to
Before starting with your application - please get familiar with the advice and information in the Your Steps to Finland section!
How to look for degree courses
You can search for English-taught Bachelor's degree courses at:

Application Route

Applications are started on-line via the Studyinfo.fi joint application pages. Please carefully read the advice there on Bachelor's applications.
You can also find information and advice on the institutions' own Admissions pages.
UAS Bachelor's admission procedures include an entrance exam. Please carefully read ourFAQ on admissions and exams before proceeding with your application.
It is not advisable to use the services of any educational consultancies or agencies when submitting your application. You are best advised to submit your application independently. See section Use of educational agencies for some reasons why.
Application Period

The exact application period depends on the Bachelor's - note that the following is therefore only a rough guideline. For detailed application period information, please refer to theStudyinfo.fi application site, or the Admissions pages of the university/UAS in question.

1) UAS Bachelor's degree courses

Most of the UAS Bachelor's degree courses are applied to in the Studyinfo.fi joint application system, which means that the main application period is in January annually, for studies commencing in autumn.
A small number of UAS Bachelor's may also offer a spring term intake option, for which applications are usually made in September. Please see our front page news "Apply in September for UAS Bachelor's starting in January 2017"
There may be exceptions to this, so you should always check the exact application period and application deadline with the UAS you are interested in. Please refer to the Admissions pages of the UAS.

2) University Bachelor's degree courses

There are only a few arts and science university Bachelor's degree courses available in English. You apply to these via the same Studyinfo.fi page as with the UAS Bachelors (see above), but the application period may vary. So always check the details with the university!

How to look for degree courses currently open for applications

  • go to the Studyinfo.fi application site
  • click on Search on the front page
  • choose filter 'Application period ongoing'
See our short Youtube video advice on how to do this at http://youtu.be/WkY76jxHRx0
If you need advice
Please note that Study in Finland is not involved in the actual application procedures, so you should not send us any detailed questions concerning your application.

If you have questions relating to your application or the required enclosures:

  • you should first check if the answer can be found on the Admissions Pages of the institutions or on the Studyinfo.fi application site.
  • please also read our FAQ on applying
Should you not find an answer there, then please contact the Admissions Office of the university/UAS you are interested in applying to. You can find the Admissions Offices' contact details on the institutions' own websites.

If you have a technical issue with your application, or need to ask about the application fee:

Please first carefully read the advice on the Studyinfo.fi application site. If that does not answer your question, you are advised to contact the Studyinfo.fi admins. Use the email address on their Application fee page.

Good luck with your application!


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